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Here I will post my kitchen experiments and favorite recipes. A little about my influences - I was born in Moldova, I grew up in Israel, I moved to the USA, and I studied abroad in both Argentina and France. I've also traveled quite a bit and had friends from all over the world, so you can expect to find quite the random assortment of foods on this blog! However, if they made it here it means they've been tried and joyfully devoured!
Cooking food from places around the world is a journey for me and I love finding recipes from places I've been or haven't been and give them a try, so if you have any favorites, don't hesitate to share!
So here it is, I finally decided to find me a place online where all my journeys can coalesce, enjoy!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dill and Onion Pashtida (Crustless Pie)

This pashtida (crustless pie) is soft textured, somewhat sweet, and a big party favorite. I usually don't make less than 2 of them because the first one is gone before it even comes out of the oven!  The amount of onions might sound tedious, but if you use an onion chopper, preparation shouldn't take more than 5mins!

3-4 medium chopped onions
Chopped fresh dill - about 1 full stock as prepackaged.
¾ cup self rising flour
½ cup oil
½ cup boiling water
2 eggs
½ tbsp chicken soup powder
Black pepper

Mix all ingredients and bake at 390F for 40mins


  1. my family loves this, its a "go with everything" dish

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