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Here I will post my kitchen experiments and favorite recipes. A little about my influences - I was born in Moldova, I grew up in Israel, I moved to the USA, and I studied abroad in both Argentina and France. I've also traveled quite a bit and had friends from all over the world, so you can expect to find quite the random assortment of foods on this blog! However, if they made it here it means they've been tried and joyfully devoured!
Cooking food from places around the world is a journey for me and I love finding recipes from places I've been or haven't been and give them a try, so if you have any favorites, don't hesitate to share!
So here it is, I finally decided to find me a place online where all my journeys can coalesce, enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Empanadas de Humita (Corn Filled Pastry)

After studying abroad in Argentina I've been looking for corn empanadas (stuffed pastry) everywhere I go, and of course never is it the same as it was back there in the little street bars, with the Argentine atmosphere all around. However, when you can't find something outside, I figured why not try to make it at home... This recipe has tons of variations so feel free to play around with it, but this is a basic and simple way to make these delicious corn empanadas.

30 empanada cover sheets
2 chopped onions
500g yellow corn
500g creamy corn
200g grated mozarella
6 tbsp heavy cream
1 egg

1.  Fry the onion, mix with remaining ingredients and refrigerate.
2.  Put some in the center of each cover sheet, close in half, and fold from one point little pinches inward all the way around to form the braided appearance.
3.  Paint empanadas with egg and water mixture.
4.  Bake in 220C (428F), 15-20min, until golden.
5.  To avoid empanadas opening, assure that there is no air trapped when closing them, and don’t over bake. 

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